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Training & Development Solutions For Better Results

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Only 15% of employees worldwide are considered highly engaged.

– Gallup

82% of employees reported that not providing appropriate feedback, failing to listen and not involving others was the biggest mistakes leaders make.

– Ken Blanchard

71% of companies do not feel their leaders are able to lead their organization into the future.

– Entrepreneur.com

Between 340% to 700% is the average return on investment for executive coaching.

– Price Waterhouse Coopers

The Good News Is We Help You Get Better Results

  • Create a culture of critical thinkers and self-reliant problem solvers.
  • Build a foundation of effective communication that supports collaboration, recognition and conflict resolution.
  • Implement time-tested practical applications to develop your current and future leaders to increase performance and productivity.  
  • Equip your team with foundational & advance selling techniques to build confidence, reset attitudes and mindset to not only meet but exceed sales expectations.  
  • Face the number 1 fear in America by becoming comfortable and confident speaking in front of others no matter the setting.

“The only person that can change you is you”

DISC Personality Indicator Report & Debrief

Maxwell DISC Method Team Training

“Leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less”

A Leaders Journey – 4 or 10 Week Training

Living The Laws – 2 Day Workshop

Leadership Game – 2 Hour Assessment

Mastermind – Group Training

“The number 1 criteria for advancement and promotion for professionals is an ability to communicate effectively”

Communication Impact Report & 2 Hour Workshop

Communication Game – 2 Hour Assessment

“Selling is about adding value first”

Sales Impact Assessment & 2 Hour Workshop

Fundamentals of Selling – 1/2 Day Workshop

Sales Training Level 1 Bootcamp – 12 Weeks

Sales Training Level 1 Bootcamp – 12 Weeks

“All great speakers were once bad speakers”

Lunch & Learn – 30 – 45 Min Presentation

Speaking – Half Day Workshop

“Be transformed by the renewing of you mind”

Coaching For Manager, Leaders & Business Owners – Half Day Workshop

Coaching For Leaders – 6 Week Training


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Different Approach. Better Results.

Business Consulting & Branding by Purpl.

ABOUT THE JOHN MAXWELL TEAM – John Maxwell’s team of coaches, trainers and speakers have been trained and certified by John to help you be intentional in your life both privately and professionally—by working with purpose and having a solid plan. Being intentional is about relying on a pre-determined strategy.

Our coaches, speakers and trainers are equipped with the best materials and have developed the proper skill sets to work with you one-on-one, in group settings, and through workshops and seminars to visualize, create and execute a customized leadership strategy to best t your needs.